Friday, December 7, 2012

And It Begins..


A new adventure started just a week ago; word was received that Jason and I were leaving our beloved home in Tennessee to drive to New Jersey. Jason had landed a position for a warehouse manager for a company that was in the making in California. They wanted to make sure he was ready for this by training in NJ for 3 months in a company they already have operational.  Also, I was offered a job where I will be routing trucks and printing out orders that needs to be shipped for this same company. We basically had 2 days to get packed, fill our car up with a full tank of gas, and get things in order for a 16 hour drive. I had never really traveled out of the south, so this was HUGE news to me. I honestly didn't know what to expect ( Honestly I still don't!).
We left out Sunday morning around 4:00 am and spent the whole day taking turns driving. Whew- I didnt think Virginia was gonna end...what a LONG & boring drive! We made it to Hagerville, Maryland around 6-7pm that night and stayed in a very nice and clean hotel. Ordered Chinese food-- yum! and passed out! hehe. We got up bright and early and headed out to our destination: Edison, NJ. It took around 3 1/2 hours to arrive to the warehouse. I gotta tell ya... NJ traffic is NO JOKE. Wow...
If you miss ONE exit/ are screwed and it takes like 15 minutes extra to get to the right direction you need to be going! Blah.

We made it to the warehouse and met up with the main boss.

He wanted to make sure we had a nice place to stay while here, so he gave us a few addresses to check out in the area. Basically, we are were just looking for a simple furnished small apartment to stay for the short time we were told. 
No sense in paying $100/night for a hotel or sign a lease for an apartment with no furniture. Until then, we are staying in a hotel that has a small kitchen. Its pretty cramped here and the "neighbors" are so loud. So.... long story short, we found a place about 15 minutes away from work in a cute 2 bedroom town house that is furnished. We will have a roommate, but apparently he will only be there 2 days a week. We will officially "move in" Sunday. Im pretty excited to get out of this hotel.

The only exciting thing we have done so far is eat at a place we had heard about via instagram, called Brooklyn Boys. Its a deli/pizza place. Pretty good food, a little expensive, but not too bad for something to try out once. Im currently trying to compile a list of places Id like to visit while up here. So if you have any suggestions-- please help! Ill post a separate page and cross them off the "bucket list" ! :)
Posting some pictures of the travel , Enjoy! :)


I40, Tennessee, first rest stop , 8:45am
Weird round tree on I40 near Knoxville TN...

Beautiful Mountains in Virginia

Random Truck ... Still in Virginia!

Rest Stop...

(The day after) Finally! In a state that doesnt have "Virginia" in it! 

First time seeing a toll booth.... opposite side. We didnt have to pay anything , there wasnt one we had to go through, strangely.  Although, we did have to pay 90c at the Jersey Turnpike Toll Booth because I missed my exit :(

Brooklyn Boys
Buffalo Chicken Pizza from Brooklyn Boys

Sneak Peek @ the townhouse were moving into!

Office @ work Im training in.

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  1. Nice road trip pictures. That buffalo chicken pizza looks so good!