Saturday, December 29, 2012

Update time!
We got to come home for a few days for the holidays! I was so excited when my boss had told me to go home last Saturday after work. Got in the car right after packing a few things, no sleep, just drove!
We made it in TN around 9:30 am Sunday.

Sunday, we went to Jason's mothers house for Christmas. It was so nice to see everyone. We played a Christmas gift game where we all drew numbers and you got the gift with the number you drew. I
got a picture frame that had multiple spots for photos. Which is great-- I plan on filling it up with NJ photos to hang in memory of this journey.

We left after about 2 hours of being there due to Jason having to take his father to the hospital. His father suffers from cancer and was in a lot of pain. Unfortunately the hospital that they went to was unhelpful after him waiting there for 8 hours. The Dr discharged him and they took him home. We were very upset on how they treated him there. I really don't understand......

We got some sleep that night and then did a few errands the next day. Also went to my mom's house on Christmas eve to open presents and hang out because we thought we would have to come back to NJ on Christmas day. (Our boss told us to stay another day and just be back Thursday when we told him what was going on with Jason's father. We were thankful)

On Christmas day we went to Jason's aunt's house and had another Christmas. Jason's grandmother drew my name for a present and gifted me one of my favorite perfumes - Juicy Couture!!
We had a great time spending the holiday with our families. I really miss them all already!

The drive home was awful. We left out Wednesday around 5am; normally would be a 16ish hour drive, so we expected to be in NJ around 8 or 9pm...well that didn't happen.
There were several accidents in VA that stopped us as well as snowy weather.
We arrived in NJ around 4am. Oh goodness it was rough.
 Next time, we vowed, would stop midway and rest for the night.
Promise you that!

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