Saturday, December 15, 2012

Week two

Was hoping to get this updated earlier this week, but no wifi for my laptop! :(
We are all moved into the townhouse and let me tell ya-- it's been interesting.
We were under the impression that the room mate would only be here two times a week, and his girlfriend would be here during the day to study... Isn't happening like that! At all! Last Sunday we were woke up from the sound of a door bell-- his girlfriend and him trying to get in. (We chain locked the door) Ever since that night-- they've been here. Every single day!
I contacted the lady who were renting from and she is upset that basically our room mate lied to her. She says she will fix this... So we will see. She is planning to stop by Tuesday.

Anywho.. All week was work work work!
Today Jason and I stopped at a flea market in Englishtown, NJ.
SWOON! Found some great steals:)
We got there a little late apparently because after walking around for 2 hours they started packing up around 3pm. Hopefully returning back soon.
I found some DVDs and an AWESOME metal mailbox for $2 that is a coin bank. Although it'll probably serve as decoration
Back home:)

I'm expecting a package in the mail from my mom. She's sending me the mail and a few other things that were forgotten. Really hope it finds its way here Monday.
I sure do miss Tennessee.


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  2. Stopping by to say "thank you" for the Christmas card. Hope you all have happy holidays even though you're away from home.

    Freedom, Casper, Nikki & Twinkie